About Kimberly

Kimberly Warmsley is a candidate for the city of Stockton City Council, District 6. Kimberly was born and raised in Stockton, California. Her roots deeply enriched in the very same area where she will hopefully represent on the council soon. Kimberly is the daughter of a United States Army hero and a public health advocate. Her mother has provided public health education to this city for the last 30 years. Her grandfather was a U.S. Marine and U.S. Navy hero, and her grandmother was a state employee. They all inspired her to work hard and commit herself to public service and community. She was taught early on the values of working families and unionization. She continues that tradition by instilling respect, integrity, humility and kindness in her own children. Kimberly’s oldest daughter is set to attend college fall of 2020. In the meantime, she is ready and energizing the youths within the district. Her son Neeko is already strategizing with his friends to begin canvassing. While her daughter Malia is busy making holiday cards, and cookies for all the volunteers. Sir Kingston on the other hand, is all ready to eat the wonderfully baked goods.

Inspired by role models who were committed to helping others, Kimberly attended San Joaquin Delta College where she earned Associate of Arts degrees in Public Safety, Psychology, Business Administration and Sociology. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Sociology at CSU Stanislaus where she also served as a trustee on the California State University, Student Union Board. After earning a master’s degree in Social Work, she served as an intern for a congressional representative where she honed her commitment to policy and change. In 2018, Kimberly achieved her long-term goal of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her love and admiration to create and implement transformative policy is the driving force in obtaining her Doctoral Degree in Social Change and Innovation from the University of Southern California. Kimberly has the experience, patience, dedicated and commitment to empowering and uplifting this community forward.

Kimberly has long been active in the community. She has worked with organizations such as: the Urban Chamber of Commerce, Weston Ranch Community Association, Head Start Board of Directors, American League of Civil Liberties, CSU Student Body Union, Emerge of California 2018, Good Governance Class of 2017, Delta Water Board Advisory Committee, Central Valley Asian- American Chamber of Commerce and Parent Teacher Advisory groups. Her volunteer work includes; educating the community about grant writing; coordinating efforts to assist people in finding jobs; fighting for Medicare for all, empowering business development; breaking the stigma in emotional distress and trauma; exploring realistic solutions to homelessness; combating crime and safety measures within the district and supporting individuals with small business development. As the Chair of the Stockton Planning Commission, Kimberly has fought hard to ensure that Stockton is at the forefront of strategic planning to promote the wellbeing of our city and our district. Kimberly strongly supports economic growth and business enhancement in our community.

Shaping policy through the lenses of healing and empowerment have come to define her efforts to help others. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Kimberly works to shift misperceptions and social stigma as they relate to trauma and mental health. More than 13 years’ experience in public health and preventive mental health led Kimberly to establish her own practice, Kimberly Warmsley’s Therapeutic and Trauma Services. There, individuals in the community find welcoming spaces for healing; low-cost or free consultation services provide hope for individuals affected by trauma and emotional distress. Kimberly authored the City of Stockton’s Trauma Informed Proclamation in August of 2019. The proclamation calls for actions to de-stigmatize mental health and to expand preventive mental health services.

Kimberly’s work is informed by her sincere belief that it is time for the community to recognize the need to be sensitive to all individuals seeking mental health treatment and care. She will work effectively to ensure that this city appropriately invests in communities that have been neglected and disenfranchised. She is an alliance builder and works hard to uplift and empower the community in self-care and healing. Kimberly will ensure that mental health support remains an essential strategy in dealing with our homeless issues and in addressing crime.

As a business owner in the heart of downtown Stockton, Kimberly is committed to improving business practices within the city. Growing up in South Stockton instilled in her the importance of promoting diverse businesses to improve commerce and create a healthy economic outlook. Community members should not have to travel miles from their homes in order to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, purchase clothes, or find activities for families and youths. They should not rely on hours’ long commutes to jobs in order to maintain their families. Kimberly is committed to bringing new jobs, business development and resources that are gravely needed for the district.

As a business owner in the heart of downtown Stockton, Kimberly is committed to improving business practices within the city. Stockton needs good jobs. Companies that aspire to bring their businesses to Stockton must understand that unionized jobs with livable wages, good benefits and health care strengthen their bottom line and enhance the wellbeing of the community. When families thrive so do our local neighborhoods and communities.

The love and dedication to this community is contagious. As a city, we have progressed so far. However, there is so much work that needs to be done. We need to strengthen our community through communication, engage our youths in recreational centers, invest in more health clinics, we need business development, and define solutions in order to address the homeless populations. This is all achievable, if we work together.

It’s time for a change. Our community needs an advocate. Kimberly will work to bring about that change as our City Council representative for District 6.


Kimberly Warmsley~LCSW

Kimberly Warmsley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (86339)