Vision for the City


Let’s work together to ensure that Stockton leads the way in innovation. Its time that we invest and explore expanding opportunities such as green technology, sustainable energy, economic development and investing in technology to improve city services. Stockton is long overdue in ensuring people have livable wages, unionization, community gardening and investing in small businesses. Residents deserve to be home with their families, instead of long commute times or driving across the Altamont. This community should not have to experience the inconvenience and hassle of driving outside the district to buy fresh fruits or vegetables. Together, let’s think outside the box and improve access to retail, market, stores, and entertainment.


Its time that we inspire our communities and instill hope and empowerment. Together we can inspire youth, neighbors, stakeholders, and communities to work alongside one another for the wellbeing of our city. Stockton must move forward collectively with the common interest of the people in perspective. Together we can create collaborative sustainable interest while ensuring the needs of the community remain a priority every day in the city. Its time to inspire and create more community leaders who will work together for the best interest of the community.


It is time that we begin to reassess local governance and local policies to ensure that we remain inclusive and equity is available to all. Communities should never feel powerless, or if they do not have a voice, it’s time to restore hope. We must ensure that we are distributing power and economic resources to community members and our neighborhoods throughout the city. Its time to ensure that our neighborhoods have a voice and heal from the trauma of marginalization. Let’s change our “must” to “should” and implement real-time solutions.

Candidate Statement

Name: Kimberly Warmsley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Ballot Designation: Commissioner/Businesswoman/Social Worker

With pride, we have seen Stockton become a national leader. And yet we still have much work ahead of us. As a mother, I want to see this city thrive for every one of our children. It will take all of that fresh thinking, inclusivity, transparency, and an ongoing commitment to equity, to meet the challenges ahead, to and continue to develop genuine solutions.

A lifelong Stockton resident, Planning Commissioner, Delta Water Board Advisory Committee member, and leader of the Weston Ranch Community Association, I’m deeply dedicated to our community and have a comprehensive understanding of local government. As a community Social Worker, I’m committed to open and respectful communication, ensuring that everyone has a place at the table and a voice in the process. I’m proud to be recognized as an effective leader in advancing social, environmental, and economic justice.

I pledge to: fight for our Stockton families with courage and commitment; advocate for our small local businesses; thoughtfully and inclusively address the complex issues around homelessness , and focus on improving safety. Our community needs an advocate.

I would be honored to serve you on City Council and to work together to build a healthy Stockton for all. Together, we are moving our city forward.

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